Cluster, partition, cut-out, component, cores

  1. Definition of cluster and partition of vertices
  2. Cut-outs
  3. Manual drawing in Pajek
  4. Components
    • weakly connected components
    • strongly connected components
    • biconnected components
  5. Cores
  6. Components and cores in Pajek


  1. Find all types of components and cores in given networks. Extract interesting parts of networks.


  1. Find number and sizes of weakly, strongly, and biconnected components. Draw strongly connected components using different colors of vertices. If the network consists of several strongly connected components extract and draw the largest strongly connected component.
    Find the highest core according to incoming arcs, extract it, draw it and explan the results. The same must be done for outgoing arcs.

  2. Interpretation of results.

Slides (PDF)